PXIE completes two uninterrupted day-long runs

PXIE, the prototype accelerator for upgrades to the front end of Fermilab’s accelerator complex, recently completed two 24-hour runs. Photo: Reidar Hahn

From Dec. 17-18, Fermilab’s PXIE accelerator ran for an uninterrupted 24 hours for the first time. It completed a second 24-hour run from Dec. 30-31. These runs were first demonstrations that PXIE could operate for an extended period. They mark an important initial step toward one day operating PXIE 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PXIE is a test accelerator that prototypes the front end of the proposed upgrades to the Fermilab accelerator complex. These upgrades, known as PIP-II, will eventually provide Fermilab experiments with more powerful beam.

The Accelerator Division Operations Department oversaw the runs. They operated PXIE in DC mode for the first one, and for the second, they ran it as a pulsed-beam machine.