Beamline enclosure construction on Muon Campus

The MC-1 Building looms in the background as construction materials are delivered to the foundation of the Mu2e beamline. Photo: Tom Gibbs, ESH&Q

The ongoing conventional construction activity at the muon area these days involves its beamline enclosure.

This enclosure will serve as the housing for extracted beam from the Delivery Ring to both the Muon g-2 and Mu2e experiments. The enclosure replicates the many other beamline enclosures on site, housing beamline magnets, low-conductivity water used for cooling magnets, and power and control cables.

The enclosure will be buried under an earth berm, providing the required shielding to the outside. The earthwork, which includes the excavation and backfill as well as the concrete that forms the floor, walls and roof of the enclosure, is the major cost driver for the enclosure.

Tom Lackowski

This overview photo, taken from the top of Wilson Hall, shows construction progress on the muon area. Photo: Marty Murphy, AD