Being good stewards of government property

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly, logistics and property control manager, wrote this column.

The use and care of government property is vital to the mission of the laboratory, and the vast majority of the property located here on the Fermilab site — computers, vehicles, HEP electronics, just to name a few — is owned by the United States government. Use of government property is restricted to the performance of work under our prime contract with the Department of Energy. It is the responsibility of all employees, users and subcontractors to protect government property from misuse, theft or loss.

The Logistics and Property Control team is responsible for the property management system. Every three years Fermilab submits this system for renewed approval by the Department of Energy. To receive approval, we are required to conduct periodic inventories for certain types of assets. The laboratory’s Property Office generates listings for each custodian. We ask custodians to account for the asset(s) under his or her custodianship and verify that the information is valid through supervisor confirmation. If a custodian is not able to locate an asset or assets, we must complete a security report to close the inventory campaign. Once the inventory is completed, the results for the accountability of assets in the specific campaign are reported to DOE.

Accountability for government property is important since we have a duty to maintain the trust of DOE and the public. They own the resources that we use to complete our mission. Fermilab has consistently shown our responsibility accounting for government property, but only with your continued active efforts can we demonstrate excellence in our stewardship and use of this property.