In memoriam: Michael Gerardi

Michael Gerardi

Fermilab retiree Michael A. Gerardi passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, Feb. 12.

Michael began working at Fermilab in the Proton Department in September 1979. He later became the radiation safety officer for the Research Division Proton Experimental Areas. In 1997 he transferred to the Accelerator Division, serving as the division’s radiation safety officer until his retirement in October 2011. Even in retirement Michael continued to assist with Fermilab’s radiation safety program as a retired guest scientist.

“In the early 1980s, as the Tevatron fixed-target program developed, Mike played a key role in achieving the success of that program,” said Fermilab scientist Don Cossairt of the ESH&Q Section. “He was always available to innovate safe radiological work practices, often at odd hours and on weekends. His dedication is still well-remembered. Mike also had a sense of humor that helped to overcome the bumps in the road.”

He was also known for being reliable.

“Mike’s responsibilities were serious, but he was never far from a smile,” said Bill Higgins, AD radiation physicist. “He was my supervisor for 18 years. Mike gave me some of his tremendous knowledge, and he gave me some wisdom, too. He’d remind us that in rad safety we’re here to help people get their work done, not slow them down.”

Mike loved his job and always told me it was because of the people he worked with. I miss the many philosophical discussions we had on how to address emerging radiation safety challenges. Mike was a good friend that I will sincerely miss.

Michael’s internment will be private.

John Anderson Jr., Accelerator Division senior safety officer