Bright colors at Holi celebration in the Village

Colors everywhere! At the March 14 Holi celebration in the Fermilab Village, participants danced to Indian music and sprinkled each other with colored powder. Photo: Kuldeep Maan
Holi celebrants enjoyed traditional Indian food in Kuhn Barn. Food and colors were provided by the Fermilab Indian Society and the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association. Photo: Pavan Pandey

More than 40 people turned out for the Indian Holi celebration at Kuhn Barn on March 14. The Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association and the Fermilab Indian Society hosted the gathering.

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is an annual ancient Hindu festival that has become popular with non-Hindus as well. It is celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox.