New spokespersons named for experiment at Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility

André Rubbia
Mark Thomson

André Rubbia, professor of physics at ETH Zurich, and Mark Thomson, professor of physics at University of Cambridge, have been elected as co-spokespersons of the experiment at the planned Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility.

Rubbia has held a professorship at ETH Zurich since 1998. He has served as visiting professor at KEK in Japan and has also worked as a research physicist at CERN. His extensive research in neutrino physics includes work on ICARUS and OPERA in Italy and T2K in Japan, as well as leadership of the European LAGUNA-LBNO projects. Rubbia has served as spokesperson of the CERN WA105 experiment, chair of the NIKHEF Scientific Advisory Committee and member of the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee, among other leadership roles.

Thomson, professor of experimental particle physics at the University of Cambridge since 2008, has made leading contributions in neutrino physics and electroweak physics at electron-positron colliders. He has conducted research at MicroBooNE and MINOS at Fermilab and at the OPAL experiment at LEP. He is one of the pioneers of particle flow calorimetry for future collider experiments. He is the UK principal investigator on LBNF and has played numerous leading roles within UK particle physics peer review and advisory panels.