Scientists celebrate 20th anniversary of top quark discovery at Fermilab

The Top at Twenty workshop takes place from April 9-10 at Fermilab.

Twenty years ago today, scientists on the CDF and DZero experiments announced the discovery of a new particle — the top quark. With this monumental 1995 milestone, scientists confirmed the existence of the final member of the Standard Model’s quark sextet.

From April 9-10, the particle physics community will commemorate the event with a workshop titled Top at Twenty, to be held at Fermilab.

The top quark is the heaviest subatomic particle ever observed, and the study of this particle continues to be a vibrant area of particle physics research.

Speakers from CDF and DZero at the Tevatron and ATLAS and CMS at the Large Hadron Collider will present recent results of their top quark studies at the workshop. They will also examine how top quark production and decay illuminate the nature of the Higgs boson; review measurements of the top quark; and discuss how the quark fits into the Standard Model and its potential extensions.

Registration is free. To register and for more information, visit the workshop website.