Updated format for Fermilab Today begins today

Following the launch of the new format of the labwide calendar, which now can be viewed from mobile devices and is accessible from the Fermilab at Work Web pages, we are introducing changes to the layout of Fermilab Today.

Beginning today, we replace calendar listings with a link to the labwide calendar for readers to learn about events at Fermilab. As the most up-to-date snapshot of what’s taking place at the laboratory, it is intended to serve as the primary resource for both scientific and nonscientific events at the laboratory.

In addition, announcements are featured in the left column of the newsletter, closer to the top of the layout. This way readers can see the latest and most important announcements without having to scroll to the bottom.

As a reminder, anyone with a Fermilab ID may submit announcements that are relevant to the Fermilab community. Anyone with a Services account can submit a calendar item in accordance with the stated guidelines. We will continue to post classifieds on Fridays.

The cafeteria and Chez Leon menus as well as the weather forecast have also been replaced with links to their corresponding online resources.

If you have questions, please email today@fnal.gov.

Your Fermilab Today team