Fermilab and NASA scientists discuss challenges of big science at recent APS meeting

These scientists recently spoke at a panel discussion titled "Big Science and Big Challenges." From left: Fermilab scientist Pushpa Bhat, Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer, former Lockheed Martin CEO Norm Augustine, Nobel laureate and NASA scientist John Mather, and Director of NASA Science Missions and former astronaut John Grunsfeld.

On April 11, Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer and scientist Pushpa Bhat (chair and moderator) participated in a panel discussion titled "Big Science and Big Challenges." The discussion was held at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Baltimore, Maryland.

The panel, which included NASA scientists, discussed international collaborations in frontier sciences such as high-energy physics, science of the cosmos, human exploration of space and public support for science.

“Technology has advanced our civilization and tremendously improved our lives,” Bhat said during the discussion. "But technology does not just happen. New technologies are born out of fundamental science research.”

View a webcast of the press conference that followed the panel discussion.