New pedestrian, bike access routes open at Fermilab

Click on the map to view recent additions to the public access routes.

Spring has sprung, and with it will come warmer weather and more opportunity to spend time outside. As many of you can attest, the sprawling 6,800-acre Fermilab campus is one of the area’s best places to walk, run or ride your bike. And this year members of the public will have more opportunity to join employees and users in enjoying the Fermilab campus.

As you can see on the map above (click for a larger version), parts of Wilson Street, North Eola Road and A1 Road have been added to the list of public access routes. Together with the main bike and pedestrian path, which stretches from the Pine Street gate off Kirk Road to the Batavia Road gate near Route 59, these roads will allow bikers, walkers and runners who don’t hold Fermilab badges to loop through the Fermilab site.

Employees, users and visitors with valid Fermilab ID badges continue to have unrestricted access throughout the site for biking, walking and running. Badged personnel may also escort as many as five additional people onto the site for recreational activities, provided that the Fermilab escort maintains visible contact with their guests at all times. As always, everyone biking on site must follow the Illinois Rules of the Road.

New signs are in place marking the routes restricted to Fermilab employees and other authorized personnel.