NOvA, Pepin Carolan earn Department of Energy recognition

Nigel Lockyer

The NOvA project and its leadership have been recognized by the Department of Energy with two prestigious awards: The NOvA project received the Secretary of Energy’s Award of Excellence, and Pepin Carolan of the Fermilab Site Office earned the Federal Project Director of the Year award. Both awards were presented by DOE Director of Management and Administration Ingrid Kolb, on behalf of DOE Secretary Moniz, at the annual DOE Project and Acquisition Management Workshop in Washington, D.C., in March.

As you know, the NOvA project was particularly complex and challenging. It included the construction of a massive 14-kiloton detector in Ash River, Minnesota, and a 300-ton neutrino detector here at Fermilab, as well as upgrading the neutrino beam at Fermilab. NOvA will provide deep insight into the fundamental processes involved in the formation of the universe and understanding the differences between matter and antimatter.

The NOvA project team effectively led a large number of partner institutions — including laboratories, universities and vendors — to fabricate and assemble an immense number of state-of-the-art technical components. They produced a world-leading facility that will keep the United States at the forefront of this important physics frontier.

For these reasons, the NOvA project team earned the DOE Secretary’s Award of Excellence, which recognizes an individual or team that has demonstrated exceptional results in completing a project within budget and on schedule.

Pepin Carolan has served as NOvA’s federal project director since 2006. A DOE project director is a critical component for all projects, as they are responsible for ensuring the project stays on schedule and within budget and maintains compliance with quality, environmental, safety and health standards. His leadership, attention to detail, keen technical understanding and commitment to communicate were all key factors in making the NOvA project happen. Congratulations to Pepin on this well-deserved recognition.

Pepin worked closely with NOvA Project Manager John Cooper, who managed day-to-day project execution and coordinated with key partners, including the University of Minnesota.

Congratulations to everyone who was part of the NOvA team — you all played an important role in the project’s success.

NOvA Project Director Pepin Carolan, left, received this year’s Federal Project Director of the Year award from the Department of Energy. Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer congratulates Carolan on the recognition. Photo: Reidar Hahn
Many people have contributed to the success of the NOvA project. Front row, from left: Greg Bock, Tim Meyer, Whitney Begner, Nigel Lockyer, John Cooper, Rick Tesarek, Pepin Carolan, Gina Rameika. Back row, from left: Jim Strait, Mike Lindgren, Patricia McBride, Steve Dixon, Paul Derwent, Elaine McCluskey, Peter Shanahan. Not pictured: Carl Bromberg, Halley Brown, Harry Ferguson, Bill Freeman, Ken Heller, Etta Johnson, Pat Lukens, Ting Mao, Marvin Marshak, Leon Mualem, Stuart Mufson,TJ Sarlina, Susan Saxer, Rich Talaga. Photo: Reidar Hahn