Student art show inspired by particle physics in Fermilab Art Gallery until April 22

This sculpture by Brandon Shimkus from Marmion Academy is one of the works you can see in the “Imagining Physics” exhibit in the Fermilab Art Gallery. Photo: Anne Mary Teichert, WDRS

An exhibit of art by local high school students, titled “Imagining Physics,” joins the current Art@CMS show in the Fermilab Art Gallery today. It will run through April 22.

“Imagining Physics” challenged 18 high school art students to learn about the world of particle physics and convert their impressions into art. Funding from Science&Art@School, an educational branch of Art@CMS, freed the students to choose whichever materials allowed them to capture their ideas.

Over the course of two weeks in February, students worked collaboratively with each other, with their teachers and with professional artists from Water Street Studios in Batavia to create pieces inspired by particle physics.

They started with a day of “physics bootcamp” at Fermilab, during which they heard talks by Fermilab physicists and staff and learned about the Art@CMS exhibit from Michael Hoch, the CMS scientist behind the outreach program. Then the students met four times in the classrooms at Water Street Studios to hash out their ideas and complete their artwork.

The final pieces embrace both physics and the connections the students found with themes in their own lives.

The participants wish to thank physicist Michael Hoch and the CMS collaboration; scientists and staff at Fermilab; artists and staff at Water Street Studios; and the art teachers at Batavia High School, Burlington Central High School, Geneva High School and Marmion Academy who assisted in selecting and mentoring students for the program.

Anne Mary Teichert, WDRS