Cover your wagon

From left: Fermilab docents Mary Jo Murphy, Sue Dumford and Dee Huie cover the prairie schooner wagon that sits outside the Lederman Science Center. Photo: Sue Sheehan, WDRS

This prairie schooner wagon outside Lederman Science Center is not just a nice conversation piece, it’s an educational tool to teach elementary and middle school students about 19th-century prairie settlers.

Fermilab docents Sue Dumford, Dee Huie and Mary Jo Murphy, pictured above, have attached a new canvas cover to the wagon to get it ready for future student field trips to Fermilab. The base of the wagon is authentic.

The docents tell histories of the settlers, who used wagons like this one to travel across the country.

The wagon, owned by the Education Office, will be ready in time for the June 14 Fermilab Family Outdoor Fair.