LHC Physics Center celebrates second run of Large Hadron Collider

LHC Physics Center coordinators Meenakshi Narain, left, and Boaz Klima present cake and a 3-D model of the CMS detector at a celebration of the LHC restart. Photo: Jesus Orduna

On Wednesday, the LHC Physics Center hosted about 120 people in a celebration of the restart of the Large Hadron Collider.

Now equipped to collide particles at 13 trillion electronvolts, the LHC will probe the makeup of our universe at almost double the energy of its first run, which concluded two years ago. The beginning of physics data collection for LHC Run 2 is a milestone achievement, and members of the LHC Physics Center, the hub for U.S. physicists in the CMS collaboration, look forward to the new physics it will unveil.

LPC users celebrated on the 11th floor of Wilson Hall. Photo: Jesus Orduna