Pushpa Bhat new deputy head of Program Planning Office

Pushpa Bhat

Fermilab scientist Pushpa Bhat knows a thing or two about running scientific programs at Fermilab. Having played leadership roles for CMS, DZero and Tevatron upgrades, she’s well acquainted with the needs of those who build accelerators and those who ultimately make use of their beams.

Her more than two decades of experience as an experimentalist and program manager has led her to the newly instituted role as deputy head of the Program Planning Office, headed by Steve Geer. Bhat will provide guidance to new Fermilab experiments, conduct operational readiness reviews, and help integrate strategic planning and performance management into program planning.

She will continue her research work on the CMS experiment, where she recently led efforts on radiation simulations, served as co-convener of the CMS-LHC machine interface group, and contributed to Higgs boson searches and discovery.