Sharing stories, reconnecting at the annual Farmers Picnic

Farmers Picnic attendees enjoy food and conversation in Kuhn Barn on May 16. Photo: Bob Bambic

On Saturday, May 16, about 110 people gathered in Kuhn Barn for the 18th annual Farmers Picnic. This potluck brings together people who lived on the Fermilab site before the lab was established, many of whom farmed the land for generations. The event gives guests the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and neighbors and share their memories of the communities that existed here before the lab.

View pictures from this year’s picnic and previous picnics. You can learn more about the history of the families on the Fermilab history website.

The picnic is organized by the Fermilab Site History Committee, which is made up of Fermilab employees who volunteer their time to the event. The committee and the picnic attendees are grateful for the support of the Directorate, which allows the lab to host this event.

About 110 people turned out for the picnic. Photo: Bob Bambic