Second building of Muon Campus under construction

Construction crews continue Muon Campus construction. The large area in the foreground will be the remote handling room. Just above, on the other side of the rebar, will be the drop hatch area. Photo: Marty Murphy, AD

Despite a rainy construction season, general contractor Whittaker Construction & Excavating is making good progress on the Mu2e Building.

The large basement slabs are under construction, with concrete forms being installed to start the foundation wall-pouring soon.

The photo above shows in the background the nearly complete Muon Campus Beamline Enclosure Project. The beamline enclosure project connects the Mu2e and Muon g-2 beamlines to the Muon Ring (formerly used as the Antiproton Source).

The MC-1 Building, which houses the Muon g-2 storage ring, is visible to the left.

Russ Alber