Meenakshi Narain reappointed co-coordinator of LPC

Meenakshi Narain

Meenakshi Narain

Professor Meenakshi Narain of Brown University has been appointed a second two-year term as LHC Physics Center co-coordinator.

As co-coordinator, Narain has been instrumental in elevating the status of the Fermilab-based LHC Physics Center, or LPC, in the eyes of collaborations around the world, says her fellow co-coordinator Boaz Klima. By fostering a culture of close collaboration and more in-person engagement, she ensured that those who contributed got as good as they gave, Klima said.

Narain helped initiating active discussion groups at the LPC, made the CMS data analysis school ready for Run 2 analysis, and encouraged greater and more meaningful interactions between LPC members, among other contributions.

“She cares about the place, the people, the experiment,” Klima said. “She wants it to succeed. Many members of the LPC are very productive members of the collaboration thanks to Meenakshi, and they’re just as vital to CMS as those in Geneva. LPC is now a well-respected institution both within and outside CMS.”

Narain looks forward to continuing to strengthen the LPC.

“The LPC makes it possible for many of our CMS colleagues to maximize their contributions to the experiment,” she said. “I am looking forward to facilitating these contributions for another two years, including hopefully some discoveries during Run 2.”