Neutrino Seminar Series starts up on Sept. 3

Learn all about neutrinos at this season's Neutrino Seminar Series.

Learn all about neutrinos at this season’s Neutrino Seminar Series.

A new season of the Neutrino Seminar Series begins on Sept. 3.

The series is intended to provide an opportunity to communicate ideas between Fermilab neutrino experiments, inject insight from relevant outside experts and present new results. Topics cover accelerator-based neutrino physics, low-energy neutrino experiments, new detection technologies, neutrinos in astrophysics and astroparticle physics, and neutrino theory.

This season’s program will cover 24 orders of magnitude in neutrino energy, from the lowest-energy neutrino measurements at meV in neutrinoless double beta decay to searches for ultrahigh-energy neutrinos of astrophysical origin with ZeV energies.

There will also be results from experiments including NOvA, Daya Bay, ICARUS and MINERvA, as well as talks on neutrino flux understanding with the NA61/SHINE experiment and presentations on neutrino theory.

The seminar is usually held biweekly on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. Announcements can be found in the Fermilab calendar.