New Fermilab news system is launched

Welcome to the new Fermilab news system! Fermilab news and stories are now easier to submit, share, search and browse. Here are a few tips to find your way around.

All news will be posted on Fermilab at Work.

The Fermilab at Work home page will point you to all the latest news, including:

  • Important announcements
  • Feature stories and press releases
  • Columns from laboratory personnel
  • Announcements and notices, which are posted immediately and remain on the Fermilab at Work page for 24 hours. (Don’t worry, you can easily find them in the archive by using the search page.)
  • Professional milestones
  • Classifieds
  • A photo to brighten your day


Submit an announcement, notice, professional milestone, classified or photo

If you have some news you want to share with the laboratory, all you have to do is complete a simple, online form. The submission form, which you can easily get to from the left menu, gives you a place to place an announcement or notice, a milestone or a classified ad, including a photo or two. You can even submit a photo as a candidate for the Photo of the Day.

A member of the Office of Communication will approve your submission or follow up with you if there are further questions.

As soon as your submission is approved, it will appear on Fermilab at Work. The Office of Communication will select among the photos for Photo of the Day, also posted to Fermilab at Work.

Announcements and notices will remain up for 24 hours, so we recommend visiting Fermilab at Work every day. But don’t worry! If you miss a day, you can still see all the past announcements by simply filtering the lab news by ‘announcements and notices’.



Search for past articles or news items on the laboratory news page, which you can easily get to from the menu on the left. You can browse, search by keyword and filter your search by article type or year.

To aid your search, each article is tagged with important terms at the bottom of almost every article.


Share and follow

Share articles using the social media buttons that appear upper right corner of every post.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn. You can also receive anything posted on Fermilab at Work through RSS.