ESH&Q Joule: Al Sondgeroth

The current ESH&Q Joule is Al Sondgeroth.

205934As a quality assurance representative, Al Sondgeroth represents the Accelerator Division to the ESH&Q Section, disseminates quality-assurance-related information between the division and section, and identifies and helps perform AD self-assessments. He also occasionally participates in human performance improvement and incident investigations.

As a member of the Muon Department, Al oversees the removal of the cables that were used for the decommissioned Accumulator. This task includes keeping track of all removed cables in their cable database. Removing the Accumulator cables will drastically reduce the potential generation of hazardous waste that would otherwise occur in the new high-intensity running configuration. He was also involved in implementing the Muon Department device database. This database keeps track of all of the former Antiproton Source tunnel devices, including where they were located during the Tevatron high-energy era and where they will be used during the high-intensity running era.

“In my experience, projects at our laboratory have always been designed and operated with a high regard for safety and quality,” Sondgeroth said. “It’s encouraging to see that, through the ESH&Q Section, these practices are being refined and documented. This raises their visibility for our community. Itallows us to more easily share ideas and best practices, and it also allows the lab to showcase how we execute our mission in a professional and responsible manner.”