ACA 1095-C and 1095-B mailed to employees

Affordable Care Act (ACA) forms have been mailed to employees’ home addresses. If you receive one, be sure to keep the form, as you may be required to provide it when filing your 2015 federal tax return.

Who will receive a 1095-C?

Any full-time employees or part-time employees and enrolled in benefits will receive a 1095-C from Fermilab. The ACA requires employers to provide a statement to employees that includes information about the type of healthcare coverage offered to the employees, if any, during the prior year.

Who will receive a 1095-B?

Employees enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage HMO at any point during 2015 will receive a 1095-C from Fermilab with parts I and II completed. Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage HMO will send anyone enrolled in the HMO a 1095-B with only part III completed.

What action needs to be taken?

You should retain your Form for your records. You may be required to provide a copy of your Form 1095-C and Form 1095-B if you are in the HMO with your personal income tax filing. In addition, you or your tax preparer will enter information contained on your Form on your federal income tax return for 2015 to demonstrate that you satisfied the ACA’s obligation to have health insurance.

The IRS will also receive copies of your form so that it can verify the information you report on your federal income tax return about your health coverage for 2015. The 1095 form is your proof that you had the required coverage. If you are covering family members, their information will be included on your 1095.

For more information, please attend the ACA 1095 Lunch and Learn on Feb. 1 at noon in One West or review the frequently asked questions guide. The Lunch and Learn will be live streamed and recorded.

Questions? Contact the Fermilab Benefits Office ( and your question will be researched and answered within 24 hours.