Accelerator Division’s Rob Reilly retires after 35 years

Rob Reilly's last day at Fermilab is Jan. 15. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Rob Reilly’s last day at Fermilab is Jan. 15. Photo: Reidar Hahn

For 35 years, Rob Reilly of the Accelerator Division Mechanical Support Department has been designing systems that help supply beam to Fermilab’s experiments. Now he is retiring. His last day at Fermilab is Jan. 15.

Reilly knows all about focusing and steering beam with magnets, shielding beam and creating a vacuum environment for beam to travel in. He has designed, built and installed adjustable magnet stands, kicker and septum magnets, motorized collimators, beam profile monitors,  and magnetic field and radiation shielding, and titanium vacuum windows, vacuum chambers, pressure tanks and polarity switching tanks. He’s done the same for assembly equipment, such as monorail cranes and heavy-load handling equipment.

After he retires, he will turn his attention from achieving the perfect beam to restoring the perfect antique car, a lifelong hobby. He will also play music on any of his 15 guitars. Most importantly, he’ll spend more time with his grandkids and travel with his wife Jeanine.

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