Battery recycling at Fermilab

ESH&Q has begun implementing an integrated, labwide recycling program.

ESH&Q has begun implementing an integrated, labwide recycling program.

The ESH&Q Section has taken steps to merge the many separate labwide battery recycling programs throughout the Fermilab campus. The various programs have been around since 2007, and now we are merging them into one centralized program.

We have set up new procedures to run a more efficient, user-friendly battery recycling program:

  • Battery recycling stations are set up labwide, usually located near employee mail stations. Instructions and clear tape for covering battery terminals are provided.
  • The HCTT will now pick up and conduct radiation surveys of spent batteries, eliminating the need for material move requests.
  • The HCTT will manage arrangements for recycling spent batteries.

Look for a battery recycling station near your area. Any batteries used at the lab may be recycled through the program.

The HCTT will continue to refine the alkaline battery recycling program so that all employees will feel that participation in battery recycling is quick, convenient and easy on a daily basis. After all, everyone shares the responsibility of caring for our environment.

Contact your system administrator for specific locations. Suggestions, comments and concerns about the battery recycling program may be directed to x2557 or 630-485-8060.