Emergency management

Emergency and disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery is the foundation of emergency management. It is through the development of emergency training and response plans that Fermilab is able to reduce its vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.

Emergency management does not avert or eliminate the threats. Instead it focuses on creating plans to decrease the impact of disasters. The Fermilab Emergency Management Subcommittee serves as a forum to help assure that the appropriate emergency management oversight systems and processes are in place for response and support of an event, emergency or disaster.

It is important for Fermilab personnel to understand their role and be prepared in the event of an emergency. These emergencies include, but are not limited to, fire, tornadoes, active shooter and active threat, snowstorms and other natural or man-made events.

To prepare for such emergencies, Fermilab emergency preparedness activities include fire drills every October, tornado drills every March, and online active shooter and active threat training. The Fermilab Emergency Management Web page provides additional information and links to preparing for an emergency or disaster.

In addition to being prepared for an emergency at work, family emergency preparedness is just as important. A national public service advertising campaign, called Ready, helps educate and empower the public to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters. The Ready website provides valuable information on staying informed of emergencies and outlines steps on how to make a disaster plan for both your family and/or business.