IARC conference room name winner

Aaron Sauers, OPTT, suggested the winning name for the meeting room in the IARC office suite. The name of the conference room is now the “Spark Chamber,” which is both a particle detector used in detecting electrically charged particles and also a clever reference to the spark of innovation that occurs with any new idea.

Conference room names are being selected using a process blind to the people submitting the names. In this case the winner, Aaron, was a previous contest winner. (Well done Aaron!)

To avoid any suggestion that “the fix was in,” Aaron graciously declined his prize and suggested we award it via a random name drawn from all the other participants in this contest. The winner of that drawing is Dr. David Neuffer from the Accelerator Physics Center who will receive a $100 gift certificate to Altiro Latin Fusion restaurant in Geneva.

We are currently working on plans to outfit the IARC OTE 2nd floor with additional offices and conference rooms and look forward to more naming contests in the future. Meanwhile, a huge “Thank you!” to all of those who sent in your thoughtful, clever, and/or amusing suggestions!