TRAIN for supervisors tutorial

You just received email saying that you need to complete an Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) and a Work Activities Analysis Form (WAAF) for an employee you supervise. Oh boy! How do you do that again?

Don’t fret! The ESHQ Section has created a new tool to help you navigate and use the TRAIN system. This web-based tutorial will help with many different tasks in TRAIN including:

• Performing and updating ITNAs

• Performing a WAAF

• Viewing employee training records

• Finding and enrolling in training classes

• Producing training reports You can access this new tool at

You can even submit a question if you don’t find the information you need:

Additionally, you are welcome to attend one of two scheduled lunchtime show and tell presentations in One West beginning at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 28, or Wednesday, February 3. Accessing TRAIN is even easier now. Thanks to the recent change you may have read about in the former Fermilab Today, you can log onto TRAIN using your services username and password. KCA certificates are no longer required.

ESH&Q's new TRAIN for Supervisors tutorial

ESH&Q’s new TRAIN for Supervisors tutorial