SPOT awards available

In case you wondered if we still have a SPOT award program, the answer is YES! A new installment of Target gift cards have arrived.  Based on trends from the past two years, cards will now be distributed to organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. HR Partners will provide Division contacts increments of 25 cards as requested until they are gone.

It has been inspiring to see literally hundreds of nominations by peers and supervisors that show that our Lab employees exemplify traits such as:
·        “always willing to provide assistance to the other people in her group”
·        “shows extra effort and provides outstanding support”
·        “demonstrates great teamwork and technical skills”
·        “goes beyond expectations”
·        “attacks many problems where an obvious solution was not in sight”

The list goes on and on … who will you nominate next?

Please note that IRS regulations require the Lab to designate the $25 gift card as taxable. View the policy here. Contact your HR Partner with any questions or suggestions.