ESH&Q Joule: Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert

The current ESH&Q Joule is Greg Gilbert.

Greg Gilbert manages the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Department in Facility Engineering Services/Facilities Maintenance.

His principal responsibility is the managerial and technical oversight of field inspections and work activities performed by O&M mechanical, electrical, HVAC crafts and contractors. The O&M group provides utility systems surveillance, operations, maintenance and repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on a 6,800-acre site with a $1.8 billion total replacement plant value, 355 buildings with 2.4 million gross square feet, 69 trailers with 81,000 gross square feet, two primary substations, 241 secondary substations, 115 miles of electric cable, 27 miles of industrial cooling water piping, 19 miles of domestic water piping, 14 miles of sanitary pipe, 16 ponds and 18 miles of natural gas pipe. O&M manages, maintains and repairs Fermilab’s electrical distribution, industrial cooling water (ICW), surface water, Central Utility Building heating, cooling, LCW systems and regeneration, natural gas, sanitary sewer, HVAC, lighting, domestic water, ground water sump pumping and related systems.

O&M’s mission is to provide a stable base for experimental operations and to ensure the dependability of Fermilab’s infrastructure through core maintenance in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Greg also fulfills responsibilities as liaison between O&M and accelerator operations and for projects such as the Utility Upgrade Piping improvement Project, currently in progress.

“Having been at the lab for a while, I’ve seen safety initiatives come and go,” Greg said. “The two that have made the most impact in our group were integrated safety management, which delegated safety to line management, and human performance improvement, which was both a safety and a managerial cultural change. We rely on HPI!”