From COO Tim Meyer: Mentors for summer interns needed

Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer

As you know, Fermilab’s mission is doing science. Operating a particle physics lab requires scientists (of course), engineers, technicians and support staff working together to make exciting science happen. And part of our responsibility is making sure that the United States has an excellent pool of scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff for the future.

That’s where Fermilab internship programs come in. From the TARGET program for high school students, to the Summer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST) program for undergraduate college students and the Community College Internships (CCI) program for community college students, these are opportunities for us not only to mentor students who have an interest in science and technology, but also to cultivate a pool of potential future employees.

Many of the Fermilab summer internship programs are in need of one-on-one employee mentors or advisors for students. I ask that you consider participating this year in one of the many programs we offer to high school and college students who come to the lab to work and learn during the summer months. Many of the internships are science- or engineering-based, but we are looking for mentors from everywhere across the lab.

Still need a reason to volunteer as a mentor for a summer student? Here are five:

  1. Helps Fermilab scientists to connect with future scientists
  2. Enhances the STEM pipeline
  3. Provides opportunities for traditionally underrepresented students
  4. Gets more science done
  5. Cultivates future Fermilab employees (and supporters!)

Would you like more information? Visit the summer internship webpage. Have questions or want to volunteer? Contact Eric Prebys in the Accelerator Division.