New parental leave policy and tax-free commuter benefit program

Fermilab recognizes that supporting employees in their efforts to balance career and family life remains a crucial benefit. To help support that balance, a new Fermilab parental leave policy is available beginning today, March 1, and a tax-free commuter benefit program that will begin on June 1.

Parental leave policy

Following a birth or adoption, the new policy provides six weeks of paid time off for the eligible primary caregiver and one week of paid time off for the eligible secondary caregiver. The parental leave policy offers flexibility with a variety of time off and return to work schedules, based on what works for you and your supervisor.

To ensure you receive the full benefits that you are allowed, remember to notify your HR partner at least 30 days prior to births or adoptions. Please contact the Benefits department if you have any questions or would like additional information on the new policy.

Tax-free commuter benefit program

A tax-free commuter benefit program is available for employees who commute to work by bus, train or vanpool. To begin receiving benefits in June, you will need to contact the Benefits department by March 21 to start the enrollment process. Once the Benefits department has enrolled you in the program via Payflex, you can pay both your transit fares and fees to park at the train or bus station with pre-tax dollars to help save on commuting costs. Employees may join the program monthly by contacting the Benefits department.