Sam Posen is awarded the 2016 Hogil Kim Prize

Sam Posen

Sam Posen

Sam Posen of the Technical Division is awarded the 2016 Hogil Kim Prize for a recent, significant, original contribution to the accelerator field.

The Hogil Kim Prize is awarded to an individual in the early part of his or her career with the following citation: “In recognition of his discovery in the development of high-gradient superconducting radio-frequency cavity using Nb3Sn film coating, and the demonstration of an outperforming traditional niobium cavity.”

He has been asked to make a 20-minute oral presentation at IPAC16 in Busan, Korea.

The full citation is “for recent important, original contributions to accelerator technology, especially to the development of Nb3Sn film-coated superconducting radio-frequency cavities. Dr. Posen’s achievements include in particular developing a process for producing a special Nb3Sn film on niobium and demonstration of excellent performance in critical field and Q-factor which are expected to outperform traditional niobium cavities. This discovery promises great improvements in the performance of future accelerator.”

Congratulations to Sam.