Boaz Klima reappointed co-coordinator of LPC

Boaz Klima

Boaz Klima

Boaz Klima of Fermilab has been appointed to a second two-year term as LHC Physics Center co-coordinator.

As co-coordinator, Klima has guided the activities at the Fermilab-based LHC Physics Center, or LPC.

Speaking as his fellow LPC co-coordinator, I can say that Boaz is a natural people person. He inspires the young scientists, students and postdocs alike, all of whom come to the LPC to contribute to the exciting research at CMS. He is an ideal mentor to them. His vision for the LPC in the past years, led to a successful transition of the LPC from preparing for Run 2 to taking lead in the first publications from Run 2 data.

Boaz also chairs the CMS data analysis school committee. These data schools are intense workshops that initiate new collaborators to the intricacies of the CMS data analysis software. This is one of the signature initiatives of the LPC, born at Fermilab, and under his guidance similar workshops have been organized at institutions in Europe and Asia.

Under Boaz’s leadership, the LPC has established itself as a major contributor to CMS. The LPC hosts collaborators from the United States and from other nations who gather at Fermilab to work together on a topic of common interest to help with the upgrade of the CMS detector or to further a data analysis. Boaz has dedicated himself to the LPC for the past two years and is looking forward to the physics that Run 2 will bring.

“The LPC significantly enhances the contributions of our CMS colleagues to the experiment, and I am looking forward to continue facilitating these vital contributions, which will hopefully lead to some major discoveries during Run 2,” he said.