One look for one lab

Katie Yurkewicz

Katie Yurkewicz

Are you about to create a new presentation, send a memo, write a project note, assemble a meeting agenda or design a poster for a conference? Have you been thinking of updating your email signature or wondering if you’re using the latest lab letterhead?

The Fermilab Graphics Standards website is your one-stop shop for lab-branded document and presentation templates, Fermilab logos, email signatures, and design guidelines including colors and fonts.

As of last week, the suite of templates available on the Graphics Standards site now includes project/experiment notes, visit/meeting agendas, MOUs, scientific posters and fact sheets in addition to updated PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, letterheads and memos. Most templates are available in several versions.

You’re all familiar with the physical infrastructure modernization that has brought so many needed upgrades and changes to the lab site. In parallel with our physical renovation, the Office of Communication has been renovating the look and feel of our communication products — ensuring that the face we present to the world through our communications matches a modern, international and innovative lab at the forefront of science and technology.

Over the last two years the Office of Communication has worked to develop a modern, consistent look and feel for many of our communication products. Our public websites, presentation and document templates, business cards, brochures, exhibits, and even our email signatures have all received a makeover — and will continue to be improved and upgraded in the years to come.

But our work is by no means finished. We need your help to continue to improve our communications to our colleagues, the scientific community and the public. We’re looking for feedback on existing templates and ideas for new ones. Please contact the Creative Services Department and let us know what you think, and what you need.

Katie Yurkewicz is the Fermilab assistant director for communications.