Bardeen candidate talk, Wednesday, April 20, at 11 a.m.

Speaker: Silvia Zorzetti, University of Pisa

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2016, 11:00AM

Location: Sunrise (WH11NE)

Title: PACMAN and CMS Level-1 Tracking Trigger

Abstract: PACMAN is an innovative Marie Curie doctoral training program, hosted by CERN and supported by the European Union. The technical goal is to develop high accuracy alignment methods and tools to integrate the main components of the future generation of accelerators. The method will be validated on CLIC components, a proposed Compact Linear Collider currently studied at CERN.

The alignment between the electrical center of the beam position monitor (BPM) and the magnetic center of the associated main beam quadrupole (MBQ) is of particular importance to minimize the emittance blow-up. This presentation is focused on the cavity BPM of this R&D study, operating at the TM110 dipole mode frequency of 15 GHz. RF signal processing and characterization techniques, as well as the required control hardware and software are discussed, together with results and resolution limits from the micrometer down to the nanometric regime.

The main purpose of the CMS Level-1 tracking trigger system is to acquire and real-time process the huge amount of data generated by the proton-proton collisions in the CMS detector. The new acquisition hardware and software technologies, developed in collaboration by Fermilab and Northwestern University, include the design of a firmware which needs to meet very restricted latency specifications and high bandwidth requirements. A short functional overview and details on the data-streaming and formatting for the final pattern recognition are presented.