First issue of Field & Beam available next week!

Field-and-Stream-CoverFERMISTYLEWe’re proud to announce the launch of a new Fermilab publication, a monthly magazine dedicated to particle physics, prairies and people. Readers indicated a clear demand for such a publication in our most recent survey, and we’re happy to provide both a beautiful hard-copy glossy magazine (for those who like something to hold) and a sleek tablet version (for our digital fans).

Field & Beam will feature a mix of in-depth articles, short pieces, infographics and images, all covering the accelerator-based research you want to learn about. This means fun stories about life at the lab, the latest science updates and news from the field (literally)!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the articles appearing in upcoming issues:
• 10 particles you need to catch this year
• Accelerator operator tricks and tips
• Bison vs. buffalo: Did we choose the right mascot?
• Infographic: Mapping the secret passages in Wilson Hall
• Five best spots to sleep in the library
• Neutrino? More like neutri-yes!
• Wonders of the salt silos
• Can you smell what the ROC is cooking? All the picnic pictures fit to print
• Phystagram: The innovative outreach technique that’s sweeping the physics community
• Better know an invasive species
• How to really wipe that failed theory off your chalkboard
• Are the tape robots becoming sentient?
• Coyote photography: How to tame your photos
• The six hottest meetings you haven’t been going to – but should
• Nigel’s Science Playlist: Listen like a director
• Prime Minister or hologram: Who really visited the lab?
• Competitive scrubbing: Labs battle for title of cleanest cleanroom
• How to #hackthemenu at Fermilab’s cafeteria
• Beating the Higgs boson blues: What to do after you find the last piece of the Standard Model