From Nigel Lockyer: Five things you should know

Tuesday’s all-hands meeting was packed with people and information (a brief 96 slides). We covered a lot of ground in an hour, including recent achievements, areas of focus and the newest addition to the lab. This column summarizes the highlights. Here’s a link to the full presentation (and a link to just the videos).

  1. We’re making tremendous progress on our neutrino program. Our three-detector short-baseline neutrino program is advancing quickly. LBNF/DUNE is steaming ahead. Thanks to CERN for our strong partnership.
  2. Science is blooming and exciting times ahead. The LHC has just turned on and the US and world communities are excited about what this high energy run has in store. The Dark Energy Survey has mapped dark matter over the largest contiguous region of the universe thus far. NOvA and MicroBooNE, our two newest neutrino experiments will present anticipated results at Neutrino 2016 in London in July.
  3. Chief Engineer is born at Fermilab. This new position, Chief Engineer, was created to look across laboratory boundaries with regard to engineering-related recruiting, development and processes. Deputy Director for LBNF Chris Mossey will be taking on this role. Thanks to the Engineering Advisory Council for developing this idea.
  4. It’s a privilege to work at Fermilab. A lot of us would agree, and it’s up to us to ensure it has a bright future. Part of building that future is ensuring we leave behind a diverse, talented workforce. Diversity and inclusion is top priority.
  5. Springtime in Batavia. The first of about 15 baby bison was born just in time to be photographed for Tuesday’s all-hands meeting. The bison babies represent new beginnings, and they reflect the resolve, strength and fortitude that Fermilab embodies. They are also a great reminder to get out and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.