Bill Noe Jr. retires May 11

Bill Noe

Bill Noe

Bill Noe Jr. of the Particle Physics Division has worked for Fermilab for nearly 43 years. Now he is retiring. His last day is Wednesday, May 11.

Noe started at Fermilab on July 3, 1973, as a mechanical technician for the fixed-target program. He started out in the old Proton Department working for Del Hoffmann and Ron Currier. He then went to work in cryogenics, reporting to Rich Stanek and Richard Schmitt. After the fixed-target program ended, he moved over to the CDF detector, working on the cryogenic system for Tevatron Run II. He reached the level of senior operations specialist while at CDF.

When the Tevatron shut down in 2011 and after CDF was nearly decommissioned, Noe went to work for Dan Markley doing controls programming on a variety of systems, including LAPD/LBNE in PC4, LArIAT, MicroBooNE, Muon g-2, and CDF and the Heavy Assembly Building.

Now he will move to Michigan, northeast of Grand Rapids, with his wife Paula.

“I’ve had a great career here for almost 43 years,” Noe said. “Goodbye and good luck to all my friends and colleagues at Fermilab.”