Chicago Science Fest this weekend

chicago-science-fest-2016Chicago Science Fest, hosted by the Illinois Science Council, takes place May 13-14 in Chicago.

Fermilab scientist Anne Schukraft will give a presentation titled “The How and Why of Tracking the Invisible, Elusive Neutrino.” You can also hear presentations on black holes and gravitational waves, deep ocean research, circadian rhythms, and the physics of “The Game of Thrones.”

Saturday will feature hands-on demos, including a virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift with Fermilab scientists.

Because Fermilab is a sponsor, Fermilab employees are entitled to a discount for $10 off the all-day Saturday pass. To use, go to the registration/ticketing page,, and enter Fermilab in the promo code at the bottom of the list of all the ticket options. Then enter the number of passes next to the ticket title.