Enter your skills in FermiWorks

kay van vreede

Kay Van Vreede

As we continue to advance the lab’s many projects, excellent labwide project planning and resource management is more important than ever. To help with this effort, Fermilab is rolling out a Skills-Talent Review in FermiWorks to capture employees’ skills in one location.

What do you have to do?

Employees will self-identify skills from list in FermiWorks, which will create a searchable resource of the skill sets and talents held by lab employees. The skill and talent information will allow managers to easily locate and request resources within a division — or across the lab — to help address any skill gaps. It will also help us in our training efforts so we can offer courses to address common gaps for skills that will be needed for the future of the lab. For example, the Technical Division requires an additional Cryogenic Technician for LCLSII project work. A project manager who is granted privileges to run a labwide report can search for employees who have a Cryogenic Design skill. For any employees who are identified, the project manager can contact that person’s management to request the resource. If none are identified, the manager may partner with Human Resources to address the skill gap (for example, offer training or set up a recruiting plan).

Your participation is key to making this work. During the week of May 23, you will receive a notification in your FermiWorks inbox to complete a Skills-Talent Review. It should take only a few minutes for you to add pertinent skills (work experience) and experience level, which will then be routed to your manager for approval. The skills that you select should not be limited to your current position at the lab. For instance, a mechanical engineer in the Accelerator Division may select the skills of General Mechanical Design and Mechanical Analysis/FEA at a proficient experience level. Prior to working at Fermilab six years ago, the engineer was a project manager and may select the skills of Project Management and Project Cost Estimating at a basic experience level. Note that the manager may update the experience level to “currently unconfirmed” as they may not have witnessed these skills in use.

A total of 387 skills were initially identified. New skills may be added to the database as the need is identified.

Need help or more information?

Instructional help text and skill definitions are included within FermiWorks, and more detailed instructions are available for employees and managers. If you have questions about a skill definition, how to enter into FermiWorks, have a skill that is not identified, or any other questions, please contact your HR partner.

Thank you in advance for assisting with this important initiative.