Fellowship program “Particle Physics to explore the Universe”

A newly created fellowship program, “Particle Physics to explore the Universe,” will support the research of senior undergraduate students and first-year graduate students in particle physics for three months in the following laboratories: TRIUMF, CERN, Fermilab and KEK. The students will participate in activities related to the experiments of the INFN Commission 1 listed here: http://www.infn.it/csn1/esperimenti/responsabili_nazionali.html.

The fellowship is a joint program of the INFN and the Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation (Farnesina) originating from an initiative of the association of Italian researchers and professionals in Western Canada (ARPICO, www.arpico.ca). This fellowship program will offer researchers based at international laboratories the opportunity to supervise Italian students for three months. All expenses are covered by the fellowship.

If you are interested in supervising an Italian student through the pilot program of 2016, please submit a project to: Donatella Lucchesi, Nadia Pastrone,  and Liliana Ubaldini by May 20.

You are kindly invited to follow the guidelines below when producing the required documentation.


Two supervisors are required for this project: at least one supervisor must be an INFN CSN1 researcher; at least one supervisor must be based at the foreign laboratory for the full duration of the project (three months).

  1. Name of the supervisors.
  2. Description of the scientific project: 200 words
  3. Description of the student’s day-to-day activity (including recommended skills): 100 words
  4. Summary of knowledge acquired during the project: 20 words (e.g. elementary particle physics, programming, statistical analysis, etc.)
  5. Start and End Date of the project (start date: anytime from August 2016).