Introducing eMarketplace at Fermilab

Cindy Conger

Cindy Conger

The Procurement Department, in partnership with Computing, has launched the pilot release of the Fermilab eMarketplace, a web-based shopping network where employees can order off-the-shelf, commonly used items for the lab. The eMarketplace is being implemented using a phased approach. The pilot release includes the Finance Section, Technical Division and Computing. The second release will occur in late summer and include the remainder of the lab.

The eMarketplace will improve our overall “source to pay” business processes. Authorized users will be able to quickly and easily find products in popular vendor catalogs and leverage pre-negotiated supplier prices; perform price comparisons between suppliers; reduce paper-generated forms; and deliver reduced costs to the lab. The eMarketplace will also streamline the lab’s purchasing process to eMarketplace suppliers through automatic approval of requisitions totaling $2,500 or less. Once a requisition is approved, a purchase order will be generated automatically and transmitted electronically to the supplier. Once the items are received and checked in, an invoice for payment will be generated automatically.

There are two types of user accounts associated with the eMarketplace. “eLicense holders” will be authorized to shop, approve and place orders in the eMarketplace (typically, these are ProCard holders). “eShoppers” will be authorized to shop, save items in carts and share their carts with eLicense holders, who will place orders on their behalf.

Individuals authorized to use the eMarketplace have been or soon will be identified by the laboratory’s senior leaders. These individuals will receive email notifications to sign up for training prior to the release associated with their organizations. User training must be completed before using the eMarketplace.

Learn more about the eMarketplace, or ask a question, at the eMarketplace website, (Note that can be accessed on site or via VPN.)

Cindy Conger is the Fermilab chief financial officer.