Know your tornado shelters at the lab

When a tornado warning occurs, do you have a safe place in which to take shelter? Is it nearby? Could you get there quickly? Do you know where your shelter is located? An interactive map of Fermilab tornado shelters is now available on the Fermilab GIS portal. Click here to directly access the map of tornado shelters. You may also access the interactive map through the Fermilab GIS portal.

While viewing the map, click on either a green or red tornado symbol icon for more information regarding the shelter including the “In Case of Emergency” plan. A green tornado symbol icon represents a facility that has an unrestricted shelter, meaning it is fully accessible during normal working hours. A red tornado symbol icon represents a facility that has a shelter but the shelter has restricted access, meaning the building requires a key card or an escort during normal working hours.

You may access this interactive map via a web browser on your desktop while logged into the Fermilab computing environment or on your mobile devices in the field if you are connected to the Fermilab computing environment via VPN. For more information on emergency management procedures during a severe weather event or specific questions about a tornado shelter, visit the ESH&Q website or contact your facility’s emergency warden. Questions and feedback can be provided on the interactive map and other GIS information by sending an email to