Sign up for the Electrical Safety Workshop at Fermilab

David Mertz

David Mertz

This July, Fermilab hosts the annual Electrical Safety Workshop, a working meeting organized by the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG), an alliance of Department of Energy Site Contractors. EFCOG promotes excellence in all aspects of the operation, management and integration of DOE facilities in a safe, environmentally sound, efficient and cost-effective manner through the ongoing exchange of information on lessons learned. This allows the lab to showcase our electrical safety programs and enables networking with facilities across the United States and in other countries.

Registration is now open for the workshop.

This workshop focuses on improving the electrical safety programs at DOE facilities to better integrate safety into the design, operation and maintenance of electrical distribution and utilization equipment. Working groups will develop practical means to improve electrical safety through hazardous energy control, direct-current hazard mitigation, subcontractor electrical safety management, NFPA 70E Risk Assessment and updating the DOE Electrical Safety Handbook. Plenary presentations will cover updates to electrical industry codes and standards; electrical injury trends, lessons learned and best practices; electrical worker qualifications; and advances in personal protective equipment. People attending the workshop will have the opportunity to tour various Fermilab areas, including the Linac, Main Control Room, Muon g-2, MINOS/NOvA, FAST, Grid Computing Center, Technical Campus, DZero, and Fermilab site features and historic areas.

A presentation by the Chicago Electrical Trauma Rehabilitation Institute on the rehabilitation of electrical shock survivors will also take place during this week. This presentation will be held in Ramsey Auditorium and is open to workshop attendees, plus first responders and health care personnel at our laboratory and from the surrounding communities.

David Mertz is the ESH&Q electrical safety officer.