Updates to Fermilab’s individual training plan management system: TRAIN

<center>Nicole Gee</center>

Nicole Gee

Staying current with your training is an important part of working, visiting and researching at Fermilab. Training helps ensure that you know how to safely and efficiently complete the tasks assigned to you. It provides the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out your work to the best of your ability, increasing productivity and quality. Fermilab uses the TRAIN system to manage individual training plans, track training and training records. A few beneficial enhancements will take effect in the TRAIN system on June 1. These changes were designed to make the system more useful and informative.

The first change involves the Enrollment Report. This report allows you to enter your ID number and get a list of the classes you are enrolled to attend. As of June 1, it will also show the classes you are on a waitlist to take.

To help ensure the accuracy of the how an Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) is completed, only ITNA contacts will be allowed to update an individual’s ITNA. This change is being implemented because, as per the FESHM Chapter 2070, supervisors shall complete an ITNA for each employee under their supervision. The ITNA contact should have the best knowledge of the tasks a person performs and the hazards that he or she may encounter. A Fermilab employee or contracted employee’s ITNA contact is his or her direct supervisor. A user or visitor’s ITNA contact is his or her Fermilab or experiment contact.

An ITNA should be completed for each individual upon hire annually and when there is a change of job title or tasks performed. As of June 1, the ITNA contact will receive an email message when a person’s job title changes, reminding him or her that the ITNA should be updated.

Performing an ITNA will also be easier. The submit button on the bottom of the questions pages will be reworded to “next page.” The final page of the ITNA will continue to have a submit button and will warn that changes will be committed by clicking it. This update will clarify whether you are advancing to another page of questions or submitting changes to an ITNA.

Remember, as a manager or supervisor, you should encourage your employees to complete all training in a timely manner. It is important to set the precedent to those in your team ensuring that your training is current.

Please email ESH_Training_Group@fnal.gov with any questions.

Nicole Gee is an ESH&Q training specialist.