Fermilab futbol-soccer tournament

Like soccer, futbol? Everyone at Fermilab — women, men, older, younger, all skill levels — and especially those who have arrived recently (like summer students), is welcome to play in free pickup games.

Also, the Fermilab Soccer League is currently playing a tournament. Come see us play! There will be another tournament in August.

Fermilab Village Soccer Field outdoor schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays
6-7 p.m.: Summer Outdoor Soccer Tournament 2016. For info about the tournament contact donato@fnal.gov.
7 p.m.-dark: Free pickup games. Everyone is welcome to come and play outdoor soccer

4pm free pick up game

For more information:
fermi_soccer@fnal.gov (suscribe to the list)

About Fermilab Soccer:
We are the “Fermi Bisons”. We organize recurring soccer tournaments as well as play weekly pickup games. All Fermilab players are welcome! Soccer enthusiasts at Fermilab were tired of the random nature of their pickup games in 1992, then decided to form a soccer league. With the help of Fermilab’s recreations office, Fermi Soccer was born.