Mu2e reaches its CD-3 milestone

Ron Ray

Ron Ray

The Mu2e Project achieved a significant milestone on July 14 when Pat Dehmer, deputy director for science programs in the DOE Office of Science, approved Critical Decision 3 (CD-3), which authorizes start of full construction.

Mu2e is an experiment designed to identify charged-lepton flavor violation by searching for muons converting into electrons in the field of a nucleus with unprecedented sensitivity.

CD-3 approval comes less than a month after a DOE review of Mu2e that was held from June 14-16. The review committee recommended CD-3 approval while noting that each of the prerequisites for CD-3 had been met, commenting that the “project is well-organized and sufficiently staffed by a highly competent and experienced management team.” They determined that the Mu2e design satisfied the science requirements.

Mu2e had previously been granted CD-3a and CD-3b approvals to begin procurement of long-lead items, including 75 kilometers of superconducting cable and the Mu2e detector hall. Sixty-five kilometers of cable have been delivered and accepted, and the detector hall is currently more than 80 percent complete.

Deputy Project Manager Julie Whitmore and I lead the Mu2e Project, and we are supported by a large and highly competent project team, as well as the Mu2e collaboration.

Congratulations to everyone on Mu2e for this outstanding accomplishment.

Ron Ray is the project leader for Mu2e.