New review tools and FESHM chapter coming soon

Amber Kenney</center.

Amber Kenney

On July 27, Fermilab will deploy a new online tool for the Technical Scope of Work (TSW) and Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) review and approval processes. The tool automates the approval processes and is intended to be flexible and add efficiency.

The TSW and ORC have been used by divisions at Fermilab for many years, though in slightly different ways. Generally, the TSW is a mechanism by which divisions receive and approve scientific proposals for work that would use Fermilab resources. The ORC is a type of ESH&Q review that is applied to experiments, tests, and research and development activities.

The DOE recognized that Fermilab would benefit from a consistent labwide ORC policy and defined FY16 Notable Outcome Objective 5.1,

“The laboratory will develop a formal uniform approach to Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) that defines labwide requirements and standards for the ORC process.”

A new FESHM chapter (FESHM 2005 Operational Readiness Clearance) will launch at the same time as the online tool. It is a policy that defines a standardized labwide requirement for ESH&Q review of experiments, tests, research and development, and other similar activities. Use of the online tool will be incorporated into the policy.

Users and employees who wish to create or amend a TSW or ORC have the opportunity to use the new online tools starting July 25, and the old paper forms will become a thing of the past. The new tools will guide individuals through the TSW and ORC review process and be accessible online anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please see the ORC/TSW website at

Amber Kenney is the Fermilab deputy chief safety officer.