Buying computers is getting easier

Eileen Berman

Eileen Berman

Computing has taken the first step to improve the process for buying computers and computer accessories in what we are calling the Technology Store Reboot project. Authorized individuals from the Finance Section, Technical Division and Computing may now order standard (commonly used) computers and accessories from the eMarketplace. The eMarketplace will be rolled out to the rest of the laboratory in the coming months. Please refer to this article about eMarketplace for more information.

Note that the supplier catalog for Wildflower International, which offers Dell computers, monitors and accessories, is now available in the eMarketplace. Additional suppliers, including those that supply Apple and Lenovo products, will be added soon.

If you wish to order custom computers or custom computer accessories, or if you are a member of one of the organizations in which the eMarketplace has not yet launched, you will continue to order computers and computer accessories and all software through the Service Desk (ServiceNow) just as you do today.

In early fall, the second step of the Technology Store Reboot project will be implemented. At that time, all standard (commonly used) computers will be ordered through the eMarketplace. In addition, the ServiceNow forms, which are used to order custom computers and computer accessories and all software, will have a new look and feel that will make ordering these items easier.

Eileen Berman is the Technology Store Reboot project technical leader.