A step toward fulfilling the Campus Plan mission: obsolete-building demolition

Jonathan Hunt

Jonathan Hunt

Since 2012, the FESS Engineering Department has implemented an annual sitewide demolition initiative, removing more than 70,000 square feet of obsolete building space. This has included the removal of approximately 11,000 square feet of obsolete workshops and laboratory buildings on Shabbona Street and Blackhawk Boulevard in the Village. Other projects included the demolition of CDF and DZero trailers, the Village water tank and the Site 50 barn. These demolitions follow the guiding principles of the Campus Master Plan in regard to consolidating “distant and antiquated facilities scattered throughout the campus.”

This year, the demolition initiative is focused on the Main Ring. A large number of the buildings around the Main Ring are no longer in use, and the lab is working to conserve resources by removing them. The lab has selected the service buildings E-2 and E-3 as test cases for evaluating legacy issues and costs involved in removing other Main Ring service buildings.

Many thanks to Jim Ranson in the Accelerator Division for his efforts in performing and coordinating the rerouting of electrical wiring and communication cables. Thanks also to FESS and other AD personnel for removing salvageable material. These tasks are required prior to commencing with demolition.

Carl Anderson Construction Services of West Dundee, Illinois, are performing the demolition, which will begin this August at E-2 and E-3.

Jonathan Hunt is a civil engineer in the FESS Engineering Department.